Shadow's Journey
Priteni is a haven for Catwin and Miriel, but it has never been their home.With the war over between the Cornovii and the Morini, the noblewoman and her bodyguard set out for Innis Tearmen, hoping to find a place to call their own. Miriel brings her commitment to a society more just than those she has known before, while Catwin brings her knowledge of warcraft and weaponry. Fidach accompanies them, eager to step out of the shadow of his bloodline and into his full power.But many people have dreams for Innis Tearmen, and not all of them include mages and Heddrians. Miriel's convictions quickly spark discontent, while Fidach's magic engenders mistrust - leaving Catwin to wonder if she will ever be free to live her own life.And Innis Tearmen holds dangers beyond just the other settlers - the land itself contains a devastating power, just waiting to be unleashed...
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