Sehru's Quest
As he watches his friends Gregar and Lyrion raising children with their mates, Sehru longs for a family of his own. Unfortunately, Felik, the man he loves, is also a Bearer. Since the two cannot have children together, elven culture forbids them from becoming mates and they have reluctantly lived apart for many years. Finally, Sehru decides to return to his old village and offer his heart to Felik in spite of tradition. On the way, he encounters and develops feelings for Mica, a powerful mage who agrees to join their relationship and help them conceive. Soon Sehru faces a different kind of heartbreak when he discovers that Felik is now considering a new mate for himself. Though Sehru is convinced that Mica can bring them both happiness, he may have a more difficult time persuading Felik. The situation only gets more complicated when he and Felik discover that Mica has a few volatile secrets himself.

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