Seers Stone
Treasure hunter Kaitlyn is on a mission to retrieve the world's most dangerous artifacts.

Kaitlyn lives life to the fullest, travelling the world and charming people into giving up their secrets.

When she's offered the job opportunity of a life-time she jumps at it. Working for the mysterious elf Fein Thyrin is everything Kaitlyn could have hoped for and more.

The first artifact on her list is the elusive Seers stone.

No one has seen the stone in centuries, Kaitlyn is in a race against the clock to find the artifact before anyone else. In the wrong hands this simple looking stone could mean the end of thousands of lives.

Will Kaitlyn get there in time?

Lara Croft meets Kate Daniels in this fast-paced urban fantasy adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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