Seasons of the Dolorian Wizards
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The adoptive sisters--Princess Luanne and Heatheria Winchester--celebrate the end of the year with three new adventures revolving around Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. "Seasons of the Dolorian Wizards" tells of three stories that sum up their favorite holidays with an adventure each for Samhain (the Celtic name for Halloween), the Ritual of Return (Thanksgiving in our world), and Noël (the French name for Christmas). In "A Samhain To Remember", the sisters--with Queen Melissa and a Winchester matriarch's spirit in tow--must defeat the Queen of the Underworld before she can exact her revenge upon creation by destroying all the immortals of the universe. "The Ritual of Return" reminds Heatheria of all the good she and Luanne have done up to this point when all the people whose lives they've changed arrive at the Palace of Melania for a holiday dinner party. And then, the climactic finish to the year culminates with "It Nearly Wasn't Noël", when Luanne and Heatheria must journey to the North Pole to convince Senticles (Santa Claus to the kids of the world) that there is still room for giving on this joyous occasion, or else he plans to cancel it forever. With a story for every season of the end of the year, "Seasons of the Dolorian Wizards" is a treasure you'll want to enjoy this year-end and every year-end in the near future.
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