Savage Legacy

Hotter, more intense, an adventure of danger, passion, and a promise unlike any other.
Of a man who has waited a thousand years for the one woman who can melt his soul and soothe the fires that burn inside him. Shane has longed for Ariel's return. Through countless, lonely years with nothing to help him survive but dreams, tormenting fantasies and vivid memories of their brief time together. That is about to end. Ariel is alive once more and she will be his.

But the Ariel who returns to him is a stranger, has forgotten the deep love that sustained him. Crushed by childhood betrayal by a vicious father, trusting neither her sanity nor those who seek only to protect her, the last thing she is ready for is a savage warrior and a love she's never believed in. But the forces she controls and the memories are just waiting to remind her. As is the Viking who has decided enough is enough. She's his woman, and now he intends to show her exactly what that means.

Ariel is about to find out what the "power of love" truly means.

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    • Oct-2004
    • Ellora's Cave
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1419900366
    • ISBN13: 9781419900365
    • Nov-2009
    • Ellora's Cave
    • eBook (Kindle)