Royal Baby (Book Three)
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    Historical Romance
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The Prince is selfish and spoiled but needs a bride.

His parents, the king and queen, have noticed the citizens are beginning to rebel, and their only demand is the Prince marry one of their own. He's furious, and plans to defile every woman of marriageable age before he chooses one of them, any one of them.

But the blacksmith's daughter, a tomboy, captivates him when he sees her the first time, yelling out the window at one of her friends. He pursues her, she flees, he attempts to woo her, she wants nothing to do with him…or so she claims…she plans to stay as far away from him as she can.

If only he wasn't so charming and determined to win her over.
If only they hadn't had one night of intense pleasure together.
If only she could ignore the heat between them
If only she wasn't carrying his baby.

Royal Baby is a sexy romance series! This is book three of three books. All books are complete and published!
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