Room One
  • Published:
    Jul-2006 (Hardcover)
    May-2008 (Paperback)
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On this particular Tuesday morning in May, the mystery that had Ted's full attention was that face. The one he'd seen at the Andersons' house.

By morning recess, Ted had worked out three possible explanations for that face in the window. By lunchtime, his list had grown to seven different solutions, but by two thirty he had crossed out three, including the idea that he might have seen a ghost....

As the school day ended, Ted thought about telling Mrs. Mitchell.Then he thought about riding his bike over to the town hall and telling Deputy Sheriff Linwood....

But Ted had read a lot of mysteries. The police? And bossy grown-ups? They always seemed to get in the way of good detective work. No way was Ted going to let a bunch of other people spoil his investigation....

. . . this was his mystery, and Ted wanted to solve it on his own.
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