Rocked in the Light

When the deep darkness recedes...

After a series of bumps along the way, having to overcome external struggles and self-doubt, talented, curvy beauty Julia is finally living the life she always wanted. On the road and singing in front of thousands every night, she's enjoying life in the spotlight.

And all your dreams come true...

But when the man who has brought her pleasure and pain, Rick, Dream Defiled's moody drummer, bares his soul and reveals that his band is struggling to survive, everything changes. Julia's feelings for Rick and the surprising comfort of being surrounded by close friends leave her vulnerable in a way she has no idea how to cope with and she has to deal with the reality that nothing is as under her control as she thought.

As the massive tour begins to wind its way around the country, Julia, Rick, and everyone around them may find that a meteoric rise to success can end any day. What really matters is who will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

...Nothing looks the same in the light.

Note: Rocked in the Light is the third in a set of three serialized novellas. This set is part of a larger series featuring the members of Dream Defiled. It is not necessary to read other books in the series first, but you should. They're good, sexy fun.

Length: 24,000 words
Series: Rocked, #9
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