Robotech Remix #4
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    General Fiction
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The struggle between humans and alien invaders attacking the Earth had drawn to a close, but the threat to mankind was far from over. With the fate of the universe on the line, a spacecraft was sent back in time, gifting the people of Earth’s past an advanced alien ‘Robotechnology’ that could alter their fortune, if not the timestream. Also contained within the vessel from the future was Dana Sterling, warrior, hero and the first child born to the union of human and alien. Dana’s arrival created a splinter timeline where she was never born, where everything feels like her past… but nothing is quite right. She doesn’t belong but has no way to return to her reality – if it even exists anymore. But now an opportunity has arisen in the shape of two mysterious spaceships able to travel the multiple realities of the “Protoverse”. Could this be Dana’s path home? The pilot of one of the vessels appeared to recognize Dana and later got into a brawl with Miriya. The other pilot, who had seemingly targeted Dana for elimination, crashlanded in the wasteland outside New Macross City… His Battloid and unconscious body were discovered by Jack Baker and Karen Penn – and he seems to be Rick Hunter! After fighting off a giant zombie monsters, Jack and Karen returned to safety with ‘Rick’ – but he then attacked Dana…
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    • First Edition
    • Jan-2020
    • Titan Comics
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 178773305X
    • ISBN13: 9781787733053

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