River's Lost
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    Contemporary Romance
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The greatest fire in state history ripped through the valley and incinerated almost everything and also detonated a passion between two friends that is as explosive as the fire itself.In the ensuing aftermath, Jocelyn Jantz is left all alone... and pregnant with Ben Rydell's baby. She realizes that Ben will despise her, and himself, to the end of their days. Their actions snatched their honor, something he always took the most pride in. When he disappears without a word, she's convinced he is lost to her forever. Without a word to anyone, Ben runs east, crossing several states, trying to escape the loss he refuses to accept. But his actions only compound the tragedy. He has betrayed the woman he was first committed to, but in disappearing, he leaves behind the woman who deserves his concern now. All that he can see is that his future is ruined and all by his own hand.But then one day, his father finds him.And with that discovery is the revelation of the only thing that could draw him back to his former, but altered life, and that is the existence of the baby girl he never meant to father, but that is already born. He must come home to re-build everything that was lost... but the thing is? He has no idea how to even start. But when he meets his daughter, he realizes that her existence is now the only thing that matters...Binge read this contemporary, western romance series, full of hot cowboys and family entanglements that is based around the Rydell River Ranch brought to you by small-town romance author Leanne Davis...Recommended Reading Order for River's End Series:
River's End
River's Escape
River's Return
River Road
River on Fire
River's Lost
River of Change
River's Destiny
River's Rescue
River's WinterDive into the next generation of River's End with The Rydell River Ranch Series: 
River in Darkness
River in Light
River in the Mountains
River at the Ranch
River to the Ocean
River from the City
River Through the Valley

Each book is a standalone with a happily-ever after but the journey getting there? Never easy and always epic! You'll get to check in with beloved characters in this interconnected standalone series.
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    • First Edition
    • Feb-2017
    • Leanne Davis
    • eBook
    • Leanne Davis
    • eBook
    • Feb-2017
    • Leanne Davis
    • eBook (Kindle)
    • Feb-2017
    • Leanne Davis
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    • ISBN: 1941522408
    • ISBN13: 9781941522400

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