Risen Bear

*Roxy & Wade’s story*
After everything that happened to her last year, werepuma Roxy Ironcloud moved away, three hours to the east, to continue nursing school. Plagued by nightmares, paranoia and memories of what the skinwalker had done to her, she throws herself into her work as a waitress, and studies hard as a student, but has almost no social life.

She keeps to herself.

That is until a werewolf shows up on her usual bus downtown for school and starts stalking her.

She tries her best to keep cool, to not fall apart. But what she does do is confront the werewolf, and some of his pack, in a back alley tussle that leaves them bloody, and unfortunately Roxy too.

Enter Wade Stone: werebear, hell raiser, total loner.

But love can strike in an instant, and he finds himself standing beside the woman he loves—even if he has only just met her.
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