Riddles and Rhymes

When painter Finn O'Casey discovered Liberty Shaw dusting the shelves of his favorite old bookstore, he impulsively sneaked a kiss in the stacks! With her laugh like wind chimes and the biggest brown eyes he'd ever seen, Liberty Shaw was a potent fantasy come to life -- but what was she doing in Beverly Shaw's domain? When Liberty told him about her aunt's sudden death and her inheritance, Finn knew the facts just didn't add up. Where was Keats, the cat, and all of Bev's gypsy clothes, and what about the mysterious diary one customer insisted was hidden somewhere in the building? Teaming up to solve the mystery. Liberty and Finn reveled in the delicious pleasure of a midsummer romance, but once they'd shared the ecstasy of kisses in the shadowy night, could they make the magic last? Finn had never before been snared in a woman's silken web, but Liberty made him earn to share all his dreams. Could he persuade his sleuthing partner to be his happy ending?
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