Remove the Shroud
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A ranger's duty. The rotten heart of a king. Rebellion spilled from the blood of family.Rew, the King's Ranger, leads his young companions on a deadly journey to find their father. On a path that twists across the Eastern Territory, they fight toward the prison where Baron Fedgley is held. The party will face bandits, assassins, treacherous noblemen, spellcasters, and Rew's fellow rangers to get there.Raif and Cinda, desperate to recover their kidnapped father, will risk anything to find him. Raif, equipped with his family's enchanted greatsword, but forced to acknowledge he's not as strong or as skilled as he once believed, will charge into a world he's never experienced. Cinda, awakened to strange and dangerous necromantic magic, will have to control vast power she never expected.Confronted with the truth of his past, and terrible knowledge he cannot ignore, Rew will choose between hiding and saving his soul, or sacrificing it all to protect those he's come to love. Will the ranger's path take them into the wilderness and safety, or into the heart of the kingdom and an epic confrontation?

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    • First Edition
    • Mar-2021
    • Cobble Publishing LLC
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1947683276
    • ISBN13: 9781947683273


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