Release Me Not
Release Me Not is book two of Ethan and Zoey's duet and book four in the Badger Creek Duet Series. A two-part, angst-filled, secret relationship, workplace love story. Release Me must be read before Release Me Not in order to enjoy the full story.After surviving a violent abduction, Zoey Holden's only thought is to escape. Trapped in an abandoned motel room, she fears her attacker will return at any moment. Desperate to get back to Ethan, she comes up with a plan.And then there's Ethan Morrison. Confused and fearing the worst when Zoey fails to show up at his house, he's left with no other option but to contact the police. Worrying that their relationship is what has led to Zoey going missing, he's forced to admit their secret.As the hours tick by, their happily ever after is slipping away, but neither plan to give up, vowing to see each other again no matter what.
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