Relationship Status 2: Still Tied
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“The worst enemy a man can have is one he calls a friend or one he never sees coming.” " Demarco Montgomery Demarco's soul has been snatched from his body. The heart he didn't know he had broken and the love that he newly discovered… tarnished. He wants nothing more than to love Winter for the rest of his life, but did he wait too long? Is it too late? Keyton wants to have some type of normalcy in his life, but all he gets is a constant flow of chaos. The constant onslaught of attacks on him and his wife's lives places him in a very dark place. All he has is Tori. She is all he wants so he has to protect her by all means, but she's hiding something from him that will surely spin his world off its axis. LeMonte is confused. How can the one he once loved beyond life no longer hold the love that he desires in the depths of her eyes? Why can't he feel it when she kisses him? Why do touches that used to come every minute now stretch too far for him to reach? He loves TaNia… always has, always will, but there is a very thin line between infatuation and love, and no clear way to determine if he's crossed it. The purpose of love is to offer a certain level of comfort and protection, but with so many enemies in the shadows, those things are hard to come by. Your favorite couples are back with new foes, fresh drama, and renewed chaos. At the end of it all, who loses grips with love and who will be STILL TIED?
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    • First Edition
    • Feb-2016
    • Createspace
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1530370477
    • ISBN13: 9781530370474

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