Red Rider and the Big Bad Werewolf
At the tender age of fourteen, Drake Jackson had been accidentally cursed to roam the night as a werewolf. Rejected by his gypsy clan, and left for dead, Drake managed to hide in the forest, deciding to dwell apart from humans. Fifteen years later, forces beyond his control pull at him to return to his home. As he makes his way back, he spies Rider Hood. The attraction's instant, but for the first time in his life, he feels more than a passing lust for someone. He vows to walk away before it's too late. While taking care of his grandmother, Rider meets Drake, the most perfect man he could ever imagine. However, Drake carries the constant burden of a dark and dangerous secret. Rider must decide if he can handle Drake's life, or if he should let him go before he gets his heart broken by the brooding drifter.

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