Race for the Rainbow: The Quest for the Rainbow Dragon

Join the new "Fellowship of Light" in their most crucial mission to save the universe. From beginning to end, from start to finish, you will read about all the events that lead up to the climactic battle where the Fellowships from the Spirit World, Earth, and the Magical Dimension must unite to tame the rage of the Rainbow Dragon when it is released and threatens all of existence. When Heatheria discovers Miss Fairweather--the principal of her school--seemingly unconscious in her office, what she leaves behind leads the newly renamed "Fellowship of Light" on the journey that will mean the end of the universe if they are not successful. The adventure begins when Galatea is sent to find a woman named Iris the Rainbow Personified, only to discover that she is no more, and a novice young woman named Rosetta has taken up her mantle as Guardian of the Rainbow Shrine Temple. With the Ark of Protection soon in the Fellowship's possession, the race is on around the world to find the six other Rainbow Beast Spirits that, when reunited with Galatea's Ruby Crystal Key--which houses the seventh Spirit--can summon the "Rainbow Dragon", a legendary beast of infinite color, beauty, and strength. However, during this "Race for the Rainbow", the new extended Fellowship discover the truth about their mortal nemesis and gain new allies to battle new adversaries--including the self-proclaimed "Heir of the Apocalypse", who steals the Ark of Protection in hopes of ending the universe herself. Precious and few moments tick away, as two dimensions are in danger of colliding, and Galatea and a Fairy named Mirta must combine their powers of Light and Darkness in order to save the world, if not the universe. Will they succeed, or will a disastrous mistake turn the universe into one giant, black void?
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