Power of the Gods

When Professors James Flanagan and Thomas Nellings from Brooklyn College of Natural History embark on a trip to Kentucky to inspect recently discovered artifacts in Mammoth Cave, they expect to find typical North American remains. But from the moment they scrutinize the artifacts, they know their lives have changed forever.

The first indication of anything unusual is the discovery of cuneiform hieroglyphics, the earliest form of writing dating back 6,000 years. As Flanagan and Nellings explore deeper into the cavern, they discover a strange alien technology. This incredible knowledge is the Holy Grail to harnessing Zero Point Energy; an unlimited reservoir of energy which unscrupulous people would do anything to possess. But they are truly shocked when they find an alien spacecraft ensconced deep below the earth.

Their routine investigation quickly turns into a high-stakes adventure that could eliminate humanity's dependence on fossil fuels. Flanagan and Nellings could lose their lives or usher in a new age of peace and prosperity.
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