Portrait of Errin
A shattering reversal of fortune had torn beautiful, well-born Errin March from the arms of her fiance and exiled her from glittering Regency London to remote Cornwall. Her uncle's reckless gambling had left her penniless, and dependent upon the generosity of her distant relation, March Trevalyn, master of the medieval estate of White Cloisters. Instead of being swept up in the romantic intrigues of fashionable society, Errin found herself in a labyrinth of emotions extending from the dark past. Instead of enjoying a delightful engagement to a dashing army officer, she was drawn into agreeing to a marriage of convenience to a man embittered by the wounds inflicted on his unbending pride. It was only when Errin allowed herself to be tempted by the attentions of a handsome gallant, and in turn saw her husband-to-be fall into the designing hands of a vengeful rival, that Errin realized that the man she had fiercely resented was the man she now loved.

Hero: March Trevalyn
Heroine: Errin March
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