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I'm Chase Justice, and that's exactly what the f**k I to do.

I chase bad guys by day and women chase me by night. Bad guys get what's coming to them. Women get their own kind of justice…the kind of lay they've been looking for their entire lives. Big busts, flashing sirens, and taking them back to my place for some under-cover work is all I'll ever need…

Until her.

She's totally different than any girl I've ever seen. She's a lot too young, a lot too smart…and in a whole lot of trouble.

And being in hot pursuit of her puts me in my own kind of trouble, because I'm her dad's best friend.

I should be throwing bad guys down on the hard concrete and cuffing them with my cold steel, but all I can think about is throwing her down on my bed and yelling spread ‘em.

This isn't the kind of girl I just want to punish with big hard night stick. This girl a whole lot more than just the law of attraction. She's perfect in every way.

If locking her up for myself and throwing away the key forever is a crime, then I'm guilty as charged. I'm going to do whatever it takes to make her mine, forever.

*Policed is an insta-everything standalone romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
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