Plenty to Believe
Leah Holt's the town bookworm, used to fading into the background. Former rock star Justin Reynolds and his manager, Linc Davis, could never be interested in a girl like her, but she can't help fantasizing. They're sexier than any hero in her romance novels. Justin's head over heels for Leah's shy, sexy ways. She's not impressed with their former rock star glory. He wants to build a future and a family with her. Linc's fallen for Leah, too. She's amazing, the smartest woman he's ever met. And that's the problem. Leah's the one woman Linc can never be with. He pushes her away, determined she'll never know his shameful secret. Justin is equally determined to push all three of them together, frustrated with his best friend's stubborn behavior. When Linc's actions break Leah's heart, he has to tell her the truth, no matter the cost to himself. Is it too late to make her believe in their love?

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    • Dec-2013
    • Siren Publishing
    • Trade Paperback
    • ISBN: 1627406123
    • ISBN13: 9781627406123