Pioneer Longing

A callous deception. A perilous escape. A tremulous truce. Can they overcome their misgivings to trust in love again?Phoebe Mortimer is well aware she is her family's ugly duckling. Which is why she knows she should have known better than to believe that the charming, handsome Eamon O'Rourke would be interested in her. When he proves he thought of her as nothing more than a momentary distraction on the long journey to Fort Benton, her beliefs about men are solidified. Eamon O'Rourke exults in his unfettered life. He took a vow with his younger brother never to marry. Never to be a father. With his huge family, he knows he will be busy enough as an uncle. However, he never expects to meet Phoebe. When she stirs up emotions he never thought to feel, he suppresses them and pushes her away. Hurting her more deeply than he ever intended to.Now, Phoebe's in danger and Eamon fears she will refuse any aid from him. For she has little faith in his fickle promises. How will he convince her of the sincerity of his love now that she has every reason to doubt him?Discover the O'Rourke Family Montana Saga set in the frontier town of Fort, Benton, Montana Territory! Follow as each sibling forgives childhood heartbreak, discovers love, and finds their happily ever after!The O'Rourke Family Montana SagaPioneer Adventure (Prequel)-the O'Rourke family travels from Ireland to the New WorldPioneer Dream (OFMS, Book 1) Kevin and AileenPioneer Desire (OFMS, Book 2) Ardan and DeirdrePioneer Yearning (OFMS, Book 3) Niamh and CormacPioneer Longing (OFMS, Book 4) Eamon and PhoebePioneer Bliss (OFMS, Book 5) Declan's book! Coming Soon!

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    • First Edition
    • Aug-2020
    • Grizzly Damsel Publishing
    • eBook
    • Aug-2020
    • Grizzly Damsel Publishing
    • eBook (Kindle)


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