Permanent Damage
Valerie Urniak is a hairdresser with a difference. She can shrink your head as well as style your hair.

Valerie gave up a promising career as a psychologist to return to the vocation that put her through school. Hairdressing allowed her to help people in a truly hands-on manner.

Within a period of three weeks, three of her clients die. Only one is a natural death.

One is a suicide. Valerie cannot accept that she did not recognize the depths of her client's depression. Nor can she shake the feeling that there is a connection between that suicide and another client's murder.

Her penchant for hands-on work leads her to conduct her own investigation much to the displeasure of the detective working the cases. And they both learn that sometimes displeasure can turn into something else...

Permanent Damage is the first book in the Valerie Urniak Mystery series. The setting is Chicago, and the series starts in 1973.

This book contains some sexual content, and is intended for mature audiences.

The complete Valerie Urniak Mystery series consists of:

Permanent Damage, Book 1
Contrive to Kill, Book 2
Variants of Deja Vu, Book 3
A Ring of Truth, Book 4
Too Soon, Book 5
Dangerous Undercurrents, Book 6
Zugzwang, Book 7
Alternate Lives, Book 8
Partings, Book 9

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    • First Edition
    • May-2015
    • Rebecca A. Engel
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    • Rebecca A. Engel
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    • ISBN: 1524227706
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