Pandora Gets Jealous
  • Published:
    Jan-2008 (Hardcover)
    Jan-2009 (Paperback)
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Okay, she released seven kinds of evil. . .but it was just an accident!

Pandora Atheneus Andromaeche Helena (or Pandy, for short) has something really good for her school project on the gods: a mysterious box given to her father by Zeus himself. Pandy knows the box is full of something so terrifying that it must never be opened . . . but it's so much cooler than showing her dad's liver in a jar (again).

Of course, before she realizes it, seven kinds of evil and misery have escaped, Athens starts to crumble, death and destruction are everywhere . . . You get the picture. Hauled before Zeus, Hera, and the rest of the immortals, Pandora is ordered to capture all seven evils or go down in history as the girl who ruined the world.
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