Outlaw Revenge
It was supposed to be just another biker fight... not a crime scene.

* A full-length STAND ALONE novel with HEA * #1 bestselling novel! * This is the book that started it all! * The beginning of the Back Down Devil MC series! *

After her best friend Rachel takes a bullet meant for the VP of Back Down Devil MC, the dumbest thing Emily could possibly do is get on Gaige's motorcycle and flee the scene. Which is exactly what she does.  

What choice does she have? She has no family and her only friend is now dead. Plus, she knows what's coming for the MC...

Gaige wears the VP patch proud and keeps all business and personal life separate. Until he lets Emily into his bed, night after night and makes the promise to avenge the death of her friend. The situation only gets worse when Rachel's father shows up and demands answers. He's rich, powerful, and wants more than just revenge... he wants to take the MC down. 

With the walls starting to crumble, the last thing Gaige needs is another fire to put out. That's when a secret from Emily's past comes forward and threatens to be the final nail in the Back Down Devil MC coffin.

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