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Words, not weapons, are Morning Song's tools, as they were her grandmother's. And she has the power to wield them as skillfully…

Morning Star, daughter of an Iroquois woman and a violent-natured French trader, learns early to be stubborn, brave, and spirited. She grows up listening to the legends of the Longhouse People told to her grandmother, Teller Of Legends, keeper of the tribe's history. But Iroquois traditions are being compromised, both by intertribal wars and by European incursions into their territories, Teller Of Legends fears that the centuries-old beliefs of the Iroquois may be lost, and along with them, the tribe's proud heritage.

As the tribe is torn by war, Teller of Legends knows she must pass her mantle on to her granddaughter. Yet Morning Song alone can claim her destiny. Following her vision will test her courage, her spirit and her love for Cloud Racer, the tribe's most fearless warrior. For only by keeping alive the ancient dream of peace can Morning Song be true to her Orenda -- the soul and the spirit of her people.

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