Oppressed & Empowered: The Viscount's Capable Wife
In this regency romance by USA TODAY bestselling and HOLT Medallion winning author Bree Wolf, a cold-hearted lord and self-sufficient woman find themselves tied to one another against their will…but not their hearts.

England 1808: As far as society is concerned, RICHARD DAVENPORT, VISCOUNT ASHWOOD, doesn't have a caring bone in his body. His heart is made of ice, and a single look out of his piercing gray eyes sends people fleeing his presence.

Richard couldn't care less about the way others look at him. He's never been able to read between the lines, understand subtle facial expressions or interpret the many meanings of a smile. But does that mean he doesn't care?

However, his own issues retreat into the background when his unmarried sister reveals to him that she is with child. Determined to maintain her secret, Richard keeps her locked away from prying eyes. Still, in order to ensure her well-being, he is forced to call upon the one woman who has always been able to melt the ice from his heart.

Wishing to follow in her father's footsteps, EVELYN PROCTEN has always tended to those in need. Despite social convention, the only future she can see for herself is that of a doctor.

However, when Evelyn is called to Farnworth Manor to tend to Miss Davenport and her unborn child, she once again crosses paths with the young woman's elder brother. A man who disapproves of her professional ambition. A man who has never looked at her twice. A man she's loved from afar for many years.

And then a kiss changes everything, sending sparks flying despite the snow surrounding Farnworth Manor. Heat lingers whenever they lie eyes upon one another, and slowly Evelyn comes to see that a tender heart beats in Richard's chest, well-hidden behind his ice-cold facade.

"To say I loved Oppressed & Empowered is an understatement. It had all the right facets of a perfect historical romance �" angst, mystery, danger, awakening love and happiness found. I was just sad to see it come to an end."- Rural Reader, Amazon Review

"Heart warming second chances. How tender. How touching. A lovely story told with such compassion! Heart felt and heart warming. An HEA of course and promise of another tale to come" aly, Amazon Review

"Bree doesn't disappoint! She addresses issues without hesitation! Lady physicals, unmarried pregnancy, and more. I loved this tale of Evelyn and Richard. 2 souls that cry out to us! Bree does a stellar job again. I read it in one day, thank you for your wonderful way with words."- FELICITY, Amazon Review

Love's Second Chance Series

#1 Forgotten & Remembered - The Dukes Late Wife (Rosabel & Graham)
#2 Cursed & Cherished - The Duke's Wilful Wife (Anna & Edmond)
#3 Despised & Desired - The Marquess' Passionate Wife (Ellie & Frederick)
#4 Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife (Henrietta & Connor)
#5 Ruined & Redeemed - The Earl's Fallen Wife (Charlotte & Sebastian)
#6 Betrayed & Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife (Beth & Tristan)
#7 Deceived & Honoured - The Baron's Vexing Wife (Madeline & Derek)
#8 Sacrificed & Reclaimed - The Solider's Daring Widow (Meagan & Edward)
#9 Condemned & Admired - The Earl's Cunning Wife (Violet & Oliver)
#10 Trapped & Liberated The Privateer's Bold Beloved (Alexandra & Antoine)
#11 Oppressed & Empowered - The Viscount's Capable Wife (Evelyn & Richard)
#12 Destroyed & Restored - The Baron's Courageous Wife (Adelaide & Matthew)
#13 Tamed & Unleashed - The Highlander's Vivacious Wife (Claudia & Garrett)
#14 Banished & Welcomed - The Laird's Reckless Wife (Moira & Cormag)
#15 Haunted & Revered - The Scotsman's Destined Love (Deidre & Alastair)

Each love story in this series can be read as a stand alone. However, most readers prefer to read them in order.
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