Open Road

He's finally found his reason to stay--but he's is in more danger than ever.

With both the Bezerkerz and the Diablos Verdes MC making inroads into the region, Alejandro Rojas discovers that his one-month stint in Arroyo Flats is quickly turning into something much longer.

But he tells himself that it would all be worth it. Ten years of separation from Alaine has left him ravenous for her touch, her warmth, and her every sigh. Now that she's with him again, he couldn't be happier.

She know she did the right thing, but why does it feel so wrong?

Since Alejandro's return, Alaine's life has become anything but simple. To make matters worse, strangers have been appearing around the ranch, poking around where their noses don't belong.

Circumstances will force them to make choices neither of them wants to make...

There's a price both of them are willing to pay for love. But as events spiral further and further out of their control, the two of them must come to grip with reality and face the hardest decision of their lives.

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    • Apr-2014
    • E-Book Publishing World
    • eBook (Kindle)