Once a Pirate
In 1760s England, three daring sisters defy the conventions of their day--by boldly taking to the sea to champion noble causes. Each will meet a man who embraces both her beauty and her proud spirit. And each will find a love more precious than any pirate's treasure.

Determined to keep the people of her village from certain starvation, Morgan Fisk has transformed herself into a fearsome lady pirate. Yet one man has vowed to bring her to justice. The owner of a fleet of ships, Daniel Tremayne, the Earl of Leighton, believes Morgan to be a heartless thief responsible for the death of one of his captains. But when passion flares between them, Morgan's own heart is torn. For though duty beckons, she cannot hide the fact that she is falling in love with a gentleman who challenges her to give up her buccaneering ways--to become a lady...and his countess.

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