On Wings of Flame
Seeing Jed Brannen again brought Kelly Flynn bittersweet memories. Everything had changed in the years since they'd first fallen in love, and yet nothing had changed. He was more impossibly gorgeous than ever, her Indiana Jones who'd roamed around the world in search of danger -- until he had to return in search of the only woman he'd ever loved. Kelly knew she had to resist this man who had taught her pleasure, then given nothing but pain when he left -- but every time she ran from the ecstasy of his lips, the wicked heat of his caress, she stumbled and fell...right into his arms. It didn't seem possible that he'd changed enough to make room in his life for her, but the heart-catching tenderness of his promises banished her wounded pride and made her want to forgive him. He wanted to protect her, to cherish her always, -- did she dare trust the fiery power of his love?

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