On The Edge
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Jean-Luc Martel wants to become the greatest hedge fund manager of his generation and “The Man Who Broke the Euro”. From his past as an RAF fighter pilot to his job as a bond trader in the City, Alex Calder is a man known for taking big risks – and winning. When colleague Jennifer Tan decides to pursue a sexual harassment case against her boss, Calder witnesses the ugly side of his world. And the tragic. For Jen commits suicide and Calder quits in disgust. One year on, Calder is running a flying school in Norfolk. But the past won’t disappear. When a former colleague of Jen's vanishes while visiting Jean-Luc Martel in his mountain paradise in Wyoming, Calder sees the tragic events of twelve months earlier in an even more sinister and terrifying light. It’s time for him to risk his reputation, his livelihood and even his life to see that justice is done. “Ridpath has that read-on factor that sets bestsellers apart.” - The Guardian “It is the author's insight into the complexities of the business that gives his novel so much life. And he can write... Yes, he has a winner here.” - The New York Times “It’ll send a shiver down bankers’ spines.” - Mirror “The author makes you feel the intensity of the trading floor, the combination of number-crunching and gut instinct that leads people to take big risks, the thrill of playing a hunch and getting it right.” - Los Angeles Times Book Review “For sheer entertainment, there's nothing in the mystery genre to beat a well-constructed thriller… …the new book of Michael Ridpath provides a master-class in how it's done. I read it in one gulp. - The Observer “As slick and compulsive a piece of storytelling as can be found in the best of blockbuster fiction.” - Sunday Express.
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    • First Edition
    • Dec-2012
    • Yarmer Head
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1999765591
    • ISBN13: 9781999765590

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