Olly the Oyster Cleans the Bay
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    May-2008 (Hardcover)
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Olly the oyster lives in the Chesapeake Bay. He loves to drift with the currents, but Olly has been traveling his whole life and wants to settle down. He wants to do something important--help clean the Chesapeake Bay. But what can a little oyster do? He doesn't have pincers or fingers or sharp teeth or legs and feet. Journey under the Chesapeake Bay with Olly's little minnow friend and find out how Olly the Oyster Cleans the Bay. Fun and whimsical illustrations make this educational tale a great gift for ages 3 to 8. Subject categories include: Science & Nature, Environment & Ecology, Water Books, Oceanography, Marine Life, and Self-esteem. Grades Pre-K to 3.
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