Ole Club Foot
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    Apr-2012 (Hardcover)
    Apr-2012 (Paperback)
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Ole Club Foot was born with a deformity in one foot, so running away from trouble was not an option. He learned different and better ways to survive. He grew a huge body and a world class rack. He became king of his domain. Hunters were saying that he was one of those unkillable bucks. Bruce Turner learned as a young hunter how to use all his senses to a high degree to make him a hunter above everyone else. It was said that he could track down anything and kill any buck he went after, but it will take all of Bruce's skills and knowledge to kill a buck as wise as Ole Club Foot. Bruce was at home in the woods where he never expected to find a beautiful girl in the woods with his same interest, but when he saves her life, she misunderstands and turns away from him. Would he ever get a chance to win her back? Bruce, the girl, and Ole Club Foots lives get intertwined and reach an exciting climax that you don't want to miss. Pat Jordan, the author of Ole Club Foot, has spent 45 years chasing whitetails in Northern Michigan. A lot of the material he writes about in this book was taken from personal experience or from those he's hunted with.
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