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It wasn’t called the Bermuda Triangle for nothing!

Most people would have enjoyed vacationing in sunny Bermuda after being injured on the job. But for Mariah Conners, the timing couldn’t have been worse. She wasn’t just an FBI agent, she was a biomedical scientist. And the cancer research she was conducting just might help to save her supervisor’s life.

But her charismatic partner, Quinn MacAllister, wasn’t giving her a choice. She needed a break, and he was going to make sure that she took one. Two glorious weeks of scuba diving, sailing, deep-sea fishing, water skiing, and horseback riding would refresh them both.

Then their small charter plane went down in a freak electrical storm, and they found themselves cast adrift in the treacherous Bermuda Triangle with two spoiled teenagers and an elderly retired couple.

The remote tropical island that sheltered them was lush and gorgeous--but it also held a deadly secret. And their old enemy, Bryce Spencer, was in hot pursuit!

Could Mac and Conners keep their four unlikely companions alive, and escape the mysterious island, before Spencer killed them all?

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    • Apr-2014
    • Createspace
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1497311985
    • ISBN13: 9781497311985
    • First Edition
    • Jan-2016
    • Boruma Publishing, LLC
    • eBook
    • Dec-2011
    • Smashwords Edition
    • eBook
    • ISBN: 1466061456
    • ISBN13: 9781466061453
    • Nov-2013
    • Boruma Publishing, LLC
    • eBook