Nurse With Red-Gold Hair
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Nurse Nancy Rogers had to learn to control her emotions when Scott Lathrop walked into her life - she was engaged to Dr. Ty Abbott and, besides, Scott seemed to be more interested in his work than in her. She knew she couldn't go on hiding her feelings, but how was she going to make Scott see that love was just as important as work?

As a busy nurse at Mercy Hospital, Nancy Rogers had a full life, which she was willing to complicate still further by taking into her home a young patient whose family was temporarily unable to care for him. She was reluctant, however, to make the additional sacrifice of providing lodging for a cousin, Joyce Blake, who was an adult and theoretically self-sufficient.

But because Joyce's parents had recently been tragically killed and there was really no way to say no, Nancy prepared to make the best of a demanding situation. When Joyce's city friends overran her home, though, and Joyce began to act as if Nancy's profession were less important than her own comfort, the temper that went with Nancy's red-gold hair finally began to shoot sparks.

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