No Gentle Love
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It began on a hotel balcony in Geneva, Switzerland--and it ended in a Victorian summer home on a lake in Michigan. It was a strange ending for a sandy-haired, green-eyed girl who had dreamed for years of taking a tour of Europe with her best friend, Marcy Moore...

Nan Bentham watched from the balcony as an old woman, dressed in the loose-fitting clothes of a bygone era, walked slowly through the crowds, peering into faces. There was a bewildered air about the wistful stranger that captured Nan's attention until she wandered out of sight.

Later that day, Nan was to see the old woman again--and rescue Lady Trevelyan--for that was what she called herself--from an impossible situation by saying that she was the companion whom the woman seemed to have misplaced. It was ridiculous for Nan to continue her tour with Marcy, who had been lost to Nan the moment she met Hugh Griswold and his family. And Lady Trevelyan was asking Nan to accompany her to her brother's summer estate in Michigan.

But both Nan and her companion found themselves unwelcome guest at the home of Randolph Cole--for he did not believe that the old woman was his sister he had not seen in fifty years. According to him, his sister had died in an accident. And when the strange dark man with the hawk-like face turned up--the same man whom Nan had seen twice in Geneva--she began to have grave misgivings about her earlier good intentions.


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