A BIG-CITY HOSPITAL NEVER SLEEPS. ... And neither do the nurses who work the night shift, or so it seems to Gayle Walker, R.N. Gayle is a relative newcomer to Ridge Hospital she's only been on the staff for six months but her compassion and commitment have already made her a favorite with nurses and patients alike. Now Gayle has a problem. Her determination to excel in everything she does, from being the perfect nurse to hosting the perfect party, is beginning to take its toll both on her health and on her relationship with her lover, a young resident at another hospital. Physically exhausted and emotionally drained in the hours just before dawn, Gayle struggles night after night to maintain her Supernurse image. She'd been hooked on uppers for a while in nursing school, and kicked the habit on her own. But there's a supply of amphetamines in the narcotics cabinet, holding out the promise of instant energy....

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    • Sep-1988
    • Lynx Books
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1558020594
    • ISBN13: 9781558020597


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