Night with Damon

Night with Damon is book 2 of the Black Dragons MC trilogy. Book 3, Ride with Damon, is available everywhere now!

I just wanted someplace where I would be safe. 

Instead, I ended up at a truck stop outside of Poughkeepsie, New York, counting out change for a meal and trying not to freak out.
… Then I saw him.
Voice deep and raspy as a motorcycle engine. His kutte vest had so many patches on it I couldn't decipher even half of them, and his steel blue eyes said he'd been places. 
Bad places.
Places that he’ll take me to. 
Places that I’ll never want to come back from.
It's not kidnapping if I'm saving her goddamned life

She was one of those girls begging to be saved with those big sad brown eyes. Worn out from playing tough too long, scared to death underneath, looking for a rock to cling to.
I'm her rock tonight. 
But I'm going to do it my way.
And when the ride's done, I'll be seeing that she pays for the trip in my bed.
And I’ll be goddamn sure to leave her begging for more.

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