Nick of Time

London, 1997. Detective Nick DaCosta had lost nearly everything. His partner had been in a coma for almost a month. His badge was taken away. It seemed the only thing left was an old photo kept in his wallet, a picture of a paradise he's never seen. So when Nick's car goes crashing into cemetery gates during a storm, he fears he's also about to lose his life....

The Dover Coast, 1810. When Nick wakes, he finds himself in the body of a Regency dandy who was thrown from a horse, not a car. And his battered body now belongs to another man -- Godfrey Woodbaine. Godfrey's wife, Anna despises him so much she is tempted to let him die. But as Nick recovers, she finds he is not the horrible man she remembered. In fact, she could almost fall in love... and Nick is equally enthralled. Perhaps it is finally his time -- to see paradise....
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