Nemesis of the Garden

Third in the Divine Interventions series

When Pan and Nemesis were accidentally hit by one of Eros' arrows, they had no choice but to fall in love with each other. Six months later, the dilemma they face is whether it is just a spell that binds them together, or have real feelings risen between them?

However, with the Titans plotting their escape from Titanous, there is more going on in Olympus than a pair of arrow-struck lovers trying to figure out their relationship. Pan and Nemesis find themselves caught in a jailbreak of titanic proportions. Fortunately they have a lot on their side--imaginative sex, various toys, and a pair of animated marble statues who bicker and make love on command.

And best of all they have the help of the gods themselves--Hephaestus, Olympus' weaponsmith, and of course, his wife Aphrodite, the goddess of love!
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