Naked Heart
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Can two women who trust no one take a risk and trust each other?

Ex-CIA agent Penn Harte normally makes a living selling her unusual skills to the highest bidder, but lately she's been doing a favor for her best friend Lila and overseeing Lila's businesses -- running an upscale fetish club and making erotic movies. Penn has the dirty job of looking after Lila's new stars, identical twin Dommes, Chloe and Colette. They're such a distraction she almost declines her next real job, but the guy writing the checks makes an offer she can't refuse. It's money for nothing. All she has to do is get some serious dirt on the CEO of a biotech research company, so she can be blackmailed. Unity Vaughan is a cautious, lonely lesbian, the perfect subject for seduction and entrapment. Penn figures she'll have her on film in a compromising position within days.

Born on the wrong side of the tracks, raised by a single mother, Unity Vaughan has fought for everything she's ever achieved. Now, having just made a breakthrough discovery that has frightening ramifications for biological warfare, she knows she is a target and is determined to get ahead of the game. She needs an expert to watch her back and spy on her enemies, which is how she finds herself in a bizarre nightclub trying to hire a person who comes highly recommended -- Penn.

Power, passion, sex, and danger drive a high-stakes plot in this compelling erotic romance.
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People / Creatures
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