My Lady Mischief


Eleanor Marigate thought that Lord Bucksted was the most overly-opinionated man she had ever met. And he was her fiance! She'd agreed to their betrothal only because he had the funds to get her widowed mother out of debt. And Bucksted was - Eleanor had to admit - dashingly handsome. But Eleanor had her principles...and a secret life as a smuggler, selling goods from France to help the needy. She simply could not marry a priggish fop who had no compassion for anyone besides his own insufferable self.

Now she boldly announced to him that the wedding was off, telling him exactly what she thought of him. He calmly asked (perhaps with a twinkle in his eye) if she would wait to cry off until after the parties his friends had planned. Then he kissed her. And kisses her again. Suddenly Eleanor felt deliciously tingly...and very suspicious. Nothing would be more disastrous than a lady involved in mischief to lose her heart!
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