My Lady Fair

Heiress Sabrina Laibrooke was determined to marry for love or not at all-and certainly not to a suitor interested only in her money. Believing her independence was something to be savored, she was nevertheless grateful for assistance when American Dallas Sager rescued her from a pair of cutthroats in a London alley. Captivated by the courageous stranger, she accepted an invitation to his Wild West show-and more than one of his seductive kisses. Dallas led a nomad's life with the traveling show, burying painful memories of his past in the thrill of showmanship and the comfort of women's company. He prized his freedom as highly as Sabrina cherished her own, but he couldn't deny that this spirited woman intrigued him. And when a particularly chilling danger threatened the fragile happiness they'd found, Dallas knew he would risk everything to keep his fair lady safe...and claim her love as his own.
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