My Courtship with Mr. Darcy - Conclusion

What if Mr. Darcy never said those offending words that Elizabeth overheard and held against him? In this variation, Mr. Darcy is able to see the true beautiful, considerate, kind, and vivacious Elizabeth. Will he still be too arrogant to realize what an amazing person she is? Fortunately, her beauty, her friendliness, and her understanding do pierce through his shy personality; hence, they are able to develop an enviable relationship. However, their courtship is not all roses but their admirable relationship progresses delightfully - sometimes. Even though there are many upsetting and painful obstacles, their love for each other shines through. Mr. Darcy is determined to be with Elizabeth, and he will not allow anyone to stand in his way. They face their challenges together with love and in the process learn much about each other so it is very apparent that Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are made for one another. No one will be able to break them apart. Is there anything that can separate them? Unfortunately, there are heartbreaking moments. Will they be able to surpass them to get to their happiness? The people surrounding Elizabeth will also be different from what we know from the original P&P, but it is not inconceivable for them to turn out this way. The twists are exciting and plausible. Find out with this book and in the conclusion book.

This book and the conclusion book are intended for mature audiences.

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