Murder of a Barbie and Ken

School psychologist Skye Denison has adjusted to the quirks of small-town life, begun a romantic relationship with Simon Reid, the sexy town coroner, and even made peace with her eccentric family. But with the week she's having, running away again is starting to look good....

It all begins innocently enough, with Skye and Simon seeking to expand their horizons by joining Scumble River's social club. That's how Skye ends up buying a week's worth of Instant Gourmet food at a home-product-peddling party hosted by Barbie Addison. Also club members, Barbie and her husband, Ken, maintain such perfect appearances and designer lifestyles, it's as if they're living in a toy maker's dream world.

But when Skye stops by to pick up her food, she finds Barbie and Ken with ribbons tied tightly around their necks--both dead, and not looking so perfect either. Of course, Scumble River needs Skye's help in solving this disturbing double homicide. And soon Skye finds herself juggling so many balls at home, at school, and around town, she's in danger of dropping some--with possibly lethal consequences.
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