Murder and Misdeeds

Fonnie Beachum is the delighted mother of the bride at the scenic North Carolina beach wedding of her grown daughter -- and the ceremony is perfect. The reception, however, proves deadly. When one of the guests, a prominent attorney, collapses mid-canape, murder enters the picture. Fonnie, a retired nurse recovering from a stroke, doesn't get around as fast as she used to, but her mind is razor sharp and she's quickly picked up on strange tensions among the guests...even before one of them disappears.

Fonnie suspects the missing woman knew too much -- about either the dead man's activities or his killer. But before she can start piecing together the new clues, her own wedding companion, Keisha, goes missing as well. Now Fonnie is doubly worried, and racing to solve a mystery as twisted as the killer who has decided to arrange for Fonnie's early departure.
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