Mrs. Pargeter's Point of Honour

The gang that couldn't shoot straight

While the activities of her dearly departed husband often took place beyond the confines of the law, the genteel Mrs. Pargeter wears the diamonds and other spoils of the late Mr. P's nefarious career with impeccable grace. And though her beloved may have gone to his great reward, Mrs. Pargeter considers it a point of honor to resolve any unfinished business he left behind.

Veronica Chastaigne, widow to one of Mr. Pargeter's partners in crime, is anxious to make restitution and return her gallery of priceless "borrowed" paintings to their rightful owners. Graciously accommodating, Mrs. P assembles her much-lamented husband's cast of merry crooks to smuggle a fortune in Rembrandts and da Vincis out of England. But a caper worthy of dear Mr. P wouldn't be up to snuff without the challenges of a bumbling inspector, a mysterious informant and a crafty interloper who manages to steal the paintings first....
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