Mr. Right: The Complete Fake Engagement Series 1-3
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Three scorching-hot football romances in one must-read collection! Fake engagement has never been this good.

Book 1: Engaged to Mr. Right

I never wanted a wife.
The only thing I wanted was to play football.
But now, with my knee blown out and my parents hearing wedding bells, my life isn't exactly going according to plan.

At least my physiotherapist, Naomi, is sexy as sin, right?

That's what I tell myself, until someone snaps a photo of us together and all hell breaks loose.
'Billionaire Bachelor Engaged', the headlines scream.

They're only tabloids, and I should just brush it off.

But Naomi needs a bit of cash, and I need to buy some time. And plus, I'm a sucker for a damsel in distress.
So, we're engaged.
Or at least, we're pretending to be.

...until it starts to feel a little too real, and I don't know if I want to pretend at all.

Book 2: Engaged to Mr. Wrong

I'm marrying the wrong man.
And the worst part?
I don't realise it until I meet his brother.

Both Elijah and Jesse are NFL quarterbacks, and their animosity runs deeper than sibling rivalry.
When my engagement to Elijah falls apart, I find myself caught in the middle of their bad blood.

I should just walk away.
This is beyond scandalous.
It shouldn't matter that Jessy cares about what I think, and he respects what I do.
It shouldn't matter that he makes my body thrum with need.
It shouldn't matter that he's turning on a part of me that I never knew existed.

I should really, really just leave it all behind.

And I do. I pack my bags and I walk away. It's over.
…Then I walk straight into Jesse's arms, and my whole world turns upside down.

Book 3: Engaged to Mr. Perfect

My ex is extorting money from me.
A secret from my past could ruin everything:
my football career, my reputation, my life.

Then, Meghan comes into my life like a wrecking ball.
All of a sudden, I'm doing everything I can to be with her.

Extra physiotherapy sessions? Done.
Surprise trip to Vegas for her sister's wedding? Sign me up.

Hell, I'll even marry the girl if it means I get to call her mine.
I'm not stopping until she's begging me for more.

It's not until my ex reappears that I realise how much trouble I'm really in.

And Meghan? She's got secrets of her own.
When secrets collide, our whole whirlwind romance could go up in flames.

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    • Jun-2020
    • Amazon Publishing
    • Paperback
    • ISBN: 1922457066
    • ISBN13: 9781922457066


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