Mr. Darcy Requests
Charlotte Collins (née Lucas) and her husband receive an invitation to a house party at Pemberley from her old friend Lizzie and husband Mr Darcy. She learns that Sir Richard Walden, with whom she had a secret affair during her last visit there, has also been invited and is looking forward to picking up the threads from where they left off. How can she ensure her husband does not hear of this affair?
Once there, she has the impression that the guests each have their own agenda. And there are some - not least Lady Catherine de Bourgh and the Archdeacon of Chesterfield - whom she would prefer to avoid.
Sir Richard has been delayed in his arrival. Anxious to see him again, how can Charlotte hold out until he finally arrives? And, when they finally meet, will his flame for her still burn as bright as before?

This is the first story in a series called Pemberley House Party, a sequel to the earlier five-part series entitled Charlotte and Sir Richard.

An extract:

“Thank you so much for inviting us, Mr Darcy,” she began.
“You are a very intelligent woman, Mrs. Collins. And I am sure it did not take you long to realise that I had an ulterior motive for arranging this house party,” he grinned. “In truth, you are at the centre of this entire strategy. It is a ruse, and I had to go to a lot of trouble in its devising, just so that you and I could spend some time together. Did you bring the… documents?”
“Yes, indeed. And they are hidden in a safe place in my luggage.”
“Good. I cannot hide my impatience to examine them.”

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