Who? Jeremy Kincaid
Where? Holed up in a primitve fishing lodge in isolated Alaskan bush country.
Why? To leave his big-city blues behind--and get back to basics.
Complication! The luscious, long-legged blonde who just stepped off the plane. Name? Madelaine Price--his mail-order brine!

After living through an arctic night, it had been easy for Jeremy's buddies to talk him into signing up for a pen pal, and Jeremy thought he'd found the perfect one in farm-fresh Madelaine Price. But the moment he saw her he knew the cold had truly frozen his brain. She might have been stunning, but whoever heard of a man marrying a woman he'd never met before! Yet from the instant Maddy batted her baby-blue eyes, he was lost. Never mind the subzero temperatures--Maddy generated a heat that chased away the most blustery chill!
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